Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Diorama Drama.

This will seem a little random, but lately I've been obsessed with museum dioramas. Something about the mix of taxidermy and painted backdrops that just pleases me soooo much. I mean, I know people have mixed feelings on stuffed animals. Some people are creeped out by them, some people think they're amazing. The museum diorama, however, takes it all to another level. Just take a look at these photos:

It's undeniable. This is good stuff people. It's all about the majesty of nature: the drama, the fur, THE MASTADON!!!!!

Images: from the American Museum of Natural History. I believe the last one is from the Royal Ontario Museum.

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  1. if you ever find yourself in philadelphia, there's a really cool museum called the wagner free institute of science ( it started as this guy putting all his taxidermed animals on display in the late 1800's and it hasn't changed since then- including the original handwritten captions and cool display cases. and it's free! you should check it out!

  2. those backgrounds are beautiful, i like the wolf best.
    my mum's art school friend worked on the dioramas in the museum of Sth Australia, not sure if they're still there, but growing up i always secretly hoped he'd let me go and play in amongst the stuffed animals hehe. hugs for stuffed grizzly bears!

  3. they are amazing, alex. inspiring and so realistic. i like the wolf and polar bear best.

  4. So fun - especially the first guy - such a cutie!

  5. When I was a kid, we had an elementary school field trip to Brookshire's World of Wildlife ( Your post inspired me to check and see if it's still there and it is! Growing up in Texas, we had deer and fish on the walls and my grandfather had a bear and other big game taxidermy.

    Of course, nothing compares to the dioramas at the American Museum of Natural History, which I first saw at 23.

    There's actually a bar out in Estacada, Oregon (I live in Portland) called The Safari Club, that's full of taxidermy animals. Still need to check that place out.

  6. Do you have any hook ups to dioramas? Would be so amazing to shoot a model in one!