Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Style Files: It's August and it's freezing.

Would it surprise you if I told you we have been have chilly weather?? Yes, in August. You may have heard the famous quote attributed to Mark Twain, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco!" Ain't it the truth Mark. Ttruer words were never spoken. I mean, it's August people and I was shivering in the fog yesterday!
(pssst... wanna know a little insider's secret? Mr. Twain never actually uttered those words—but the quote is so great we like to claim it as our own. Another insider's secret? No self-respecting San Franciscan would ever refer to our fair city as "Frisco." Now ya know!)

That last picture is a little ridiculous (what's with my dork expression??) but I wanted to show a close up of the groovy tee. OK Wardrobe Remixers, here's what I'm wearin':

+ Vintage brown and white polka dot secretary blouse
+ Lime green tee with Yoshitoma Nara graphic (from ze MOMA store)
+ Faded Black Jeans from Target
+ Brown and white vintage pumps, thrifted
+ Bone colored marc by marc jacobs bag

I have another product question for you guys...what do you use in your hair?? Any fave conditioners or leave-in smoother type stuff?? My crazy curls and I thank you!!

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  1. The best shoes yet again! As for hair, I wish I could help, but nothing I try seems to work in this humidity (+ my hair isn't curly).

  2. i happen to think your hair looks FAB!!!

    and swoon on that bag! i soooooo wanted that bag when it came out! lucky you!

  3. that bag is FANTASTIC :O everything about this outfit is adorable, actually!

  4. love love love those shoes!!

    ps... when you find out what to use in your hair, let me know!

  5. Yoshitomo T-shirts are awesome! And hurrah for vintage polka dots!

  6. Love the shoes! For your hair... I use Tigi's Curls Rock or their Foxy Curls products. Right now, I'm using the Curls Rock - holds up well in the humidity.