Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vintage Kids: Art Seiden is the man.

Heeeee's baaaack. Art Seiden is one of my tippy top favorite children's book illustrators, and he's already made an appearance on Storytime Tuesdays. This book is a Wonder Book from 1960 entitled "The Romper Room Do Bee Book of Manners." For all you younguns, Romper Room was a kid's show that ran from the 50s thru the mid 80s. This book is so dang cute. It teaches preschoolers good manners ("Do bee polite and helpful!") but it's Art Seiden's illustrations that are really the tops.

How awesome are this little boy's clothes?? The stripey shirt...the groovy lil bow tie. I also love his little stance...check him out on the phone and then lifting that crazy strong man barbell!! Loooove it.

Here's to always being a Do Bee and never a grouchy ol Don't Bee!

Images: The Romper Room Do Bee Book of Manners by Nancy Claster. Pictures by Art Seiden. 1960.

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  1. LOVING those illustrations. I have never heard of Art Seiden, but now that I have- I am in love.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  2. Love Art Seiden illustrations!
    Thank you indeed for sharing.
    Cata, from Tuscany

  3. O! M! G! I totally forgot about this book... read it when I was little, AND watched Romper Room faithfully. I always thought it wasn't fair that the Don't Bee kid was supposed to be miserable and unhappy... even at four or five you know it doesn't always work like that.