Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gettin' Twiggy Wit It.

Aw, the slender little Twigglet! She was the ultimate mod darling with those huge luminous eyes...I tried to find images that weren't about her being so impossibly thin and more about her FACE FACE FACE. She really did have an amazing face...and I love the pixie hair do. So androgynous and yet so sassy. The moped bike shot is my favorite

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  1. Hi Alexandra!! I'm doing pretty good, how are things with you? I love these Twiggy shots!

  2. lovely photos. she had such an amazing style. i love it.

    peace & love.

  3. Aw, I like the one where she's standing in front of a bunch of Twiggy clones.

    And the one with puppies, of course. Puppies make everything better. Except rugs - they destroy rugs.

  4. these are lovely! my favorite is the one where she is leaning on the post with the bouncy ball.

    *why did she leave ANTM? possibly because they are all nuts? ha.

  5. Daniella: hey lady!!! i'm doing well, thank you! life is busy busy but good. wolfie starts kindergarten this monday, and I just can't believe it!

    rachel is a dreamer: she really was iconic...i love the crazy long bottom lashes too. its funny how her hair seems so normal now, lots of ladies rock the pixie. but back then it must have been sooo startling!

    parallel-botanny: hi girlie! ok, you're right. everything goes better with a puppy!! i'm having full on puppy fever, i want a doggy again so badly!! we almost got one last weekend at a shelter and while we went away to "think about it" she was snapped up. she was soooo cute. waaah! come to think of it, twiggy is a cute name for a pup!

    rebecca: i know, that balloon/bouncey ball is so bizarro huh! i liked her on ANTM but she was almost too classy for that bunch. I think you're right that they probably freaked her out! haha. Paulina has more moxie and isn't afraid to bicker with Tyra. Are you watching Runway??

  6. I love Twiggy! She's one of my fave fashion icons :)