Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Vintage Children's School Book: Adelaide Hall

I'm loving the cute and proper people in this book. They remind of a hipper version of Dick & Jane. This fun book is part of an Encyclopedia Britannica series of school books that have names like Learning About Shapes and The Magic of Everyday Things. This one is The Thinking Book and its pretty darn cute. Wolfie likes reading it, but I have to admit I just love to look at the pictures. The last two, with the black and white line work, is one of my favorites.

Text and Images by Adelaide Hall.

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  1. i love these, i have the whole series!!! (at least, i think i do...)
    nearly had a heart attack a couple years ago when i found them all in the kid's book bin at the goodwill. 35 cents each!
    one of my favs is the magic of everyday things.

  2. I think you have the whole series too! ( i remember you posting them a while back too, no?) I don't think I have all of them, but I have 6 or 7? They're so cute. Damn you and your 35 cents, though. 50 cents is as low as we get here, with most "vintage" books being a dollar. They are on to the thrifters out here in Cali!!

  3. haha, well. they're only sorta onto us here.
    i was once in a thrift shop that had a rack of vintage and a big neon pink handwritten sign over it that said "VANTAGE"
    i do not tell a lie.

  4. aww what a sweet book. i love the last pic with the cityscape, best.

    and sadly, they're onto us vintage shoppers here in melbourne, too. a lot of the cute stuff gets sorted to 'upscale' thrift stores. so i have to go back to my hometown to score any bargains these days.

  5. I'm not sure how many there are, but I have 13 of this set. A lot of them are hit & miss, with a variety of artists. The JP Miller & Joe Kaufman ones are the better ones. This one by Adelaide Hall is great, too.

  6. Hey Ward! I'm so flattered to have the Original Retro Kid stopping by here! Wow, 13 huh! I knew there were alot but not quite that many. I love JP Miller and Joe Kaufman (i've posted two other Joe Kaufman books here...). Thanks for popping over here!