Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh my stars, it's vintage music!

Today I’m trying something new. The first ever Lemonade Stand music mix! This is a jivey little go-go set for all you cool cats and sassy kittens out there to enjoy as we wind down the days of summer. Included are a few fun tunes the Devil-Ettes have danced to, some great 60s pop from France and even some special 60s tracks from Singapore and Thailand. I hope you like it!

01.   Beat Me Til I’m Blue – Hotel Easy Vol. 3

02.   Talkin’Bout Boys - Artist Unknown 

03.   You Little Angel You – The Archies

04.   Pull Shapes – The Pipettes

05.   Hully Gully – Tommy Kinsman

06.   Le Lion – Patricia Carli

07.   C’est Bon - Adele

08.   Beatnik Daddy – Barbara Evans

09.   Kinda Kinky – The Ray McVay Sound

10.   The Boat that I Row - Sodsai Chaengkij

11.   How To Catch A Girl - Rita Chao & The Quests

12.   Chick Habit – April March

13.   Time of the Season  -The Zombies

     14.   Don’t Sleep in the Subway – Petula Clark

Download it now, cha-cha!

Wondering what's up with all this jivey tawk? Check out this post.

Pssst, I’ve never done this so please let me know if it works!

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  1. I haven't heard beatnik daddy in a long time. Thanks.
    Chick Habit is one of my favorites - I'm still trying to find the original France Gall version.

  2. ooh good pooka girlie! thanks!!
    doman blue, have you seen the france gall music video? (i love her version too but since i had two other frenchie's i thought i'd mix it up with April March!). Here is the France Gall:

  3. Can not wait to download this & listen at home! I'm gonna make my hubby dance with me.

    Oh, & I HAVE to send you the blog & radio show of Colleen Crumbcake, my wedding DJ. Don't discount her because she's a wedding DJ. She's THE COOLEST & plays french stuff & 60s stuff all the time. Here's her blog: & her radio show, which you can download for free:

  4. super jivey, cha cha.

    it works and i am listening now. thanks, lady! have a great weekend!

  5. Colleen Crumbcake? Are you kidding me that is her real name?? I LOVE IT! How awesome!! I'll check her out asap...whoo hoo! THANKS GIRLIE!

    Rebecca, yay! thanks for downloading!