Friday, August 21, 2009

Linky Dinks

Happy Friday my friends! I'm looking forward to tomorrow because August 22 is my birthday. Whoo hoo! (Forever 31, baby....) Here are some fun treats that caught my eye over the past week. Have an amazing weekend!!

+ Amazing Dresses Made with Colored Markers. Be sure to look closely to see how it’s done. Clever, clever.

+ I’m really loving these adorable little lunch boxes from Goodbyn. Very Bento box.

+ A $200,000 clothing allowance anyone?? Check out this fascinating interview with Anna Wintour. Can’t get enough of her. Morley Safer’s commentary is rather hilarious as well.

+ Did you know that there was a Sanrio “Hello Kitty Disneyland” in Tokyo? Me neither! This photo tour of the amazing Puroland comes courtesy of the groovy AgentLover blog.

+ I think this is quite simply the cutest free WiFi ever—nice job Prius.

+  A peek inside Rachel Zoe’s Studio. I DIE! I know she is impossibly (scarily) thin and a touch crazy, but I kinda love her and all her vintage splendor (The Rachel Zoe Project starts up again this Monday on BRAVO).

+ Thanks Nubby for this awesome post on Michael Jackson’s influence in fashion.

+ One dress, 365 days. I’m sure you saw The Uniform Project when it first debuted and was all over the blogs, but lets keep showing her the love. Check out how cute she makes this simple black dress look.

+ A few days ago I was on the set of a new thing Spike Jonze was filming (tis a secret, and alas it’s not my project but I was thrilled nonetheless). It just reminded me HOW FREAKIN EXCITED I am to see Where the Wild Things Are. I love the trailer, Little Max is the cutest thing ever.

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  1. We went to Sanrio Puroland on our first visit to Japan. All the kids were dressed in Hello Kitty Aprons and singing along to the songs but it was so overwhelming for them that many of them were in tears. It was all too much for me - I ended up in tears too.

  2. *Happy Birthday* sweet girl!

  3. coo, your film set visit sounds way exciting! and happy happy birthday, how you have a whole lotta lovely fun with your boyz.