Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Vintage Kid's Books: Triangle Water

This book has such fun little pictures...and the story is pretty cute too. The story and drawings are by Adelaide Hall and the year was 1965. I just love the way the water is so geometric and the little strawberry drinkie in the picnic scene is pretty amazing too!

A special little shout out to my friend Pilgrim, who has a super sweet blog, Draw, Pilgrim! She recently posted a vintage children's book saying she was inspired by Strawberry Lemonade (so sweet!), and then when I saw HER post it reminded me of this book (even though her book isn't about a giant, the name Oleg reminded me of a giant which reminded me of this book....and....and....well, my mind works in mysterious ways!). Thanks Miss Pilgrim!

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  1. Just fabulous! Love those illustrations, so 60's, George had groovy boots!

  2. it's wonderful! what a find!

  3. I have to agree with you about that water... especially in the illustration with the kids in the pool. Those shapes are really 'in' at the moment aren't they.

  4. oh my god how sweet are you?! aww i'm actually blushing haha..

    What a cute book!! That water just looks great, and i love the pebbles on his castle wall. That era just had the best illustration! Thanks for sharing and the shout out :D