Monday, August 24, 2009

Ground Control to Major Tom

4,3,2,1 Earth Below Us
Drifting falling,
Floating weightless
Calling home....

(shout out to Majors Tom both Bowie & Peter Schilling)

And finally, I think this gorgeous video of the Milky Way is pretty astounding.

Images: Some from carabaas and some from msbojangles. The others, apologies I can't recall from whence they came.

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  1. Why aren't I using a robot to put my shoes on in the morning? I wonder if I could train my Roomba to do that...

    And that one picture TOTALLY looks like KT Pet!

  2. The first pic got me laughing. Loving all your vintage-inspired posts (especially since I've been hooked on Mad Men recently)!