Monday, August 24, 2009

Where Have you Gone Mrs. Robinson?

Aw, is it really over?? I had a super fun birthday weekend (thanks for all the happy wishes!). In a highly unusual fit of practicality, I had told Greg I didn't really need any more "stuff."  So his present was both clever and perfect: a relaxing day at Ze Salon. No stuff cluttering the house and an awesome treat fer me. I was so thrilled to go get my crazy mane pruned and excited about adding a lil color. It was a super relaxing day, but here’s the thing. I can’t decide if my stylist was a genius or the worst ever. On the one hand, she didn’t do anything we had talked about, and yet it turned out exactly as I wanted it. Let me explain.

I knew I wanted a bit of a change…I just wasn’t sure what. For some reason I started Googling images of Anne Bancroft in The Graduate. I’ve always loved her hair— you know, kinda 60s mid length brown with dramatic ashy blonde swoopies. Then I thought “Eh, maybe not.” So I go to the hair salon with photos from my back-up idea (don’t laugh)— a photo of Vanessa Hudgens (yes, from High School Musical. Yes I’m aware that she’s, like, 12). She was in this months In Style Makeover magazine and I liked the scraggly long layers she had and side-part bangs.  I showed Daisy (my sweet stylist) the photo. We talked about adding highlights….maybe taking my nearly black hair a little lighter…. definitely not losing too much of the length. The final result? It looks NOTHING like the photo I brought in…. It’s waaaay way shorter (shoulder length people, and when it curls i suspect it'll go above the shoulder) and the highlights are all an unusual ashy blonde (trust me, the world “blonde” never fluttered from my lips). Oddlyit  looks very much like Anne Bancroft in The Graduate. CRAZY! There aren't many highlights in the front but alot in the back, kind of like Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

I mean, I’m kind of digging it….like I said it's bizarrely close to what I wanted, even though it's completely the OPPOSITE of what I asked this woman to do. So is she the world’s worst hair stylist? Or a clairvoyant genius??

Pssst. I'll snag a pic of my crazy hair's too late to take one right now.

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  1. Maybe she knew what you wanted even before you did? That would be the mark of an exceptional stylist...hope you are thrilled with it!

  2. Happy belated birthday my lovely! I'm so sorry I'm late with my wishes... I have been too busy to do any blog reading (or blogging) lately. I hope you had a great weekend.

    I'm super excited to see your new do! I hope you're lovin it.


    And would you believe it... *snap* again: I'm forever 31 too, and my birthday just over a week after yours.

  3. Hi:
    Happy Birthday to start with, then I will say that I'v recently started reading u and I will end saying, why won't u show us a photo or ur new hairstyle??? ;)

  4. Thanks you guys!

    Lemondrop Marie: I suspect it was more happy accident!! I think she was lucky I secretly like the look, I think someone else might have been a little bummed. haha

    Lisa: Hey lady. Aw man I totally know what you mean. I'm way behind too. Life gets too crazy doesn't it?? And hurray for your upcoming birthday!!

    America: Welcome welcome! Glad to have ya over here. I'm gonna take a pic today I promise, I wrote this late last night and I hate indoor flashy photos, so I was waitin' fer some sunshine!