Thursday, July 23, 2009

The 70s Knew How to Party.

Happy Friday my lovelies! You want awesome vintage photos? You got 'em.

Most are from this fabulous site, Square America. Have you ever visited them? You'll die. Loads of good stuff over there. Let us begin with this somber cutie:

So young. So serious. At least this next little lad is knows what it means to share.

This fabulous portrait is from 1979 and is from the super fun Flickr page of Tommy and Georgie. I love the girls sitting under their own portraits, but the priest? A stroke of genius.

Oh, where to begin??

OK, so for this last photo we have something really special folks. This seemingly innocent image of two dudes getting their hair curled is from a night of pure early 70s bacchanalian excess. Somehow the folks at Square America got their hands on a roll of film from the entire evening...and seriously, it's insane. People smoking, dancing, boozing, laughing....and then some. It's clearly a bunch of drunken friends having an all out bash. There is a touch of minor nudity (a topless lady here or there, guys in their 70s fundies— nothing too scandalous), but I've never seen so many photos all from one crazy "back in the day" night. The result is kind of mindblowing. Ready to join The Party??

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  1. Fantastic, I LOVE these pictures! Thanks for the link. :)

  2. Oh how I miss a good party where all the guests end up putting on each other's clothes! But the photo with the priest is my fave. He looks a little too excited to be between the three lovely ladies.

  3. Oh wow what a party. Too much fun!

    And I agree with Pretty Neat... the look in the priest's eyes is a bit of a worry.

  4. My favorite snaps were those with the yellow bra and panties with the hand prints getting passed around to everyone- boys and girls. I couldn't wait to see who had it on next! What a post to wake up to- and I still haven't had my morning cup o'tea.

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  5. OMG that was a wild one! Hysterical post! Thanks for all of that work in making me laugh long and loud before I even leave the house this morning. Those people's children would CRINGE~
    Glad I didn't see anyone I know.

  6. Um, why do you always have the most awesome stuff? Like, always.

    Michelle | When I Grow Up Coach

  7. 70s bush!

    those guys all need to eat a sandwich.

  8. Seriously I could start my own website! my grandmother left me all of her old photos- and I do mean ALL. I probably have a thousand or more that are very similar to these. Good times!! I love guys with perms...

  9. Lovely ladies, I'm so glad you enjoyed! I love how the photos get crazier and crazier...the first guy is nearly passed out with a cigarette dangling from his lips on the floor by the end!!

    Rachel, YOU MUST post her photos!!!! They sound amazing!!

  10. nice pictures u have
    keep it up
    chk my blog out

  11. holy moly that is some par-tay!

    to think, those are someone's parents/grandparents. ha.