Monday, July 20, 2009

Is the water warm enough? Yes, Lisa.

If you look up Purple Rain in Google Images, this photo turns up. I kinda love it...but it has nothing to do with what I'm about to tell you....unless you pretend this was my house and that was my famiy's super bad ass car. In fact, let's just say that it IS my car!

Sooo, back in 1984 my friend’s Kirsten, Beth, Denise and I were Prince crazy. Purple had never been hotter and I think we even wore scraps of black lace  (dig if you will that picture…I think I’ve tried to suppress the memory that they were black lace gloves, but sadly I think that was the truth). Anyway, we played the album to death— and yes! It was an actual album. Mine was the limited-edition purple vinyl and came with a cool poster of Prince and the Revolution. Aw yeah! We couldn’t get enough of the movie either. I remember I found the film scandalous, with all it’s sexy, lacey, velveteen nastiness (and by nasty I mean AWESOME). I thought Prince was a genius.

A few years ago I caught the movie on TV and I have to admit its pretty darn cheez-tastic viewed through modern-day eyes. I kinda giggled throughout. Like, really? The little puppet on a stick guy?

What seemed so cool and edgy back then seemed totally dated and funny. Kinda like when Fred Armisen does his Prince impersonation on SNL. But what HAS stood the test of time is the album. It’s still as rockin’ as ever. And in honor of the 25th Anniversary of the album’s release, the awesome SPIN magazine has cooked up a cool little tribute compilation. Yup, it’s pretty fun. Cool bands like Of Montreal, Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings and a whole mess o’ other artists cover the album. The best part, of course, is that it’s absolutely freeeeee! Yes, i said FREE. Click this link right here to download your free copy. You will need to enter the answer to a question to prove that you bought an issue of the magazine, and unfortunately due to my loyalty to Dr. Funk (of The Revolution, natch) I can't very well tell you that the answer to the question is “keyboardist”, OK?? But if you want to enter that in the box, that's your own business. I'm just sayin'.

Any of you fine folks have silly memories of the Purple Reign??

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  1. Confession: My mother took my sister and I to see the Purple Rain concert in New Mexico. I have no idea what possessed her to do so, I am sure she got the tickets free or something...
    I remember that Prince climbed into a bathtub on stage- all that smoke. He was so cool.
    Sigh- now I think he looks like a purple pirate in that get up.

  2. I went to see the movie with my friend and I kid you not, it was to celebrate her Cabbage Patch Kid's birthday! Great movie for someone who was still playing with dolls.

  3. Lemondrop Marie: Um, I loooove your name!! I feel like we should be a singing and dancing duo!! "Lemondrop Marie and the Strawberry Lemonade Girl"! I also love your mom took you to see Prince in his sexy bathtub, hahaha.

    Pretty Neat Cutie: THAT MADE ME BUST UP!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!! I love it!

  4. I don't think Mom ever got over that little surprise of Prince half naked in the tub- and you are right! We should go on the road together- we can hunt vintage and refresh people with our names at the same time!

  5. I was just a babe when Purple Rain the movie came out, but but my mum was a big prince fan and so i grew up listening to his albums. I remember her saying how great his songs were but they were pretty kinky - and i never really understood her until i was about 12 and all of a sudden i properly listened and was like WOAH... MUM!! 'Cream' ISN'T about dairy products?! EW! haha My mum was super cool: not so concerned about sheltering me from that kinda stuff, but very into me hearing good music!

    also: Ooh! That pic is taken in Sydney! The tree is a Jacaranda and they all come out in bloom like that around Christmas time here in Australia. It looks really beautiful seeing pavements carpeted with purple flowers. And they have funky seedpods too! Fun tree fact! haha

  6. well, needless to say, growing up in MN, i am a huge Prince fan. i have actually set foot in paisley park and i saw the Purple Rain Oscar. Since Ev has been "on the scene" forever, he actually has people like dr. funk and michael bland on his facebook as friends, Mpls really is a tiny city. we watch purple rain at least once a year and laugh our butts off, often even have "the purple rain quote of the day" which we try to bring into everyday conversation....even though we don't REALLY quote it everyday :) unforch, i have never met "the purple one" however.

  7. Pilgrim: hahaha, that's awesome. And how cool that this is a Jacaranda tree! I've never heard of them (or seen them) but HOW PRETTY!!!!

    Lishy: you on twitter? I gave you a shout out whilst we were in yer town for 45 minutes at the airport. I was hoping you'd chime in on this one...and um, Ev has Dr Funk on his FB??? THAT RULES!!!!!! What am I not surprised??

  8. oh man, i cannot believe i missed you! i deleted my twitter after Ev got home from the apple keynote! he was supposed to twitter me during that and, ironically, the net connection was crappy while he was in there! lol! so i just got rid of twitter! but, i am CRYING i missed you!!

    prince: we were driving to y doc appt the other day and passed first avenue and in conversational tone i start in "first avenue's really famous, a lot of bands make it after playing there, must be really exciting."

    i love it when he drives his mothercycle down the SIDEWALK and throws GLITTER on the FANS! lol!

  9. mothercycle! nice freudian slip!!

  10. hahahaha mothercycle. does he really ride it down the sidewalk and throw glitter at fans????? AMAZING!!!!