Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Vintage Children's Records Rule

So this week I have something a leetle bit different. It's not a vintage children's book but rather a vintage children's record. I have a great little collection of old kid's albums—which are trickier to find than you might think. Most of the kid's albums you find in thrift stores are thrashed beyond believe—well loved by the kiddos who played them to death on their old plastic record players. One of my favorite things about these vintage records are the little booklets often included. This one is from a Mother Goose album and the drawings are super charming. The illustrations are by Harry Wysocki. I had this book as a child, but this was a thrift store score.

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  1. Those illustrations are faboosh! My mom still has all of our old childrens records from the 70's. I should go through them and see if they have any cool cover art.

  2. Groovy illustrations. I knew a kid who took a bit out of a Sesame Street record. They do seem to love them some albums.

  3. Hi Glamorous Housewife (looooove that name!). Yes! Check yer stash! My mom has a bunch of ours but they're in Michigan and she doesn't have a scanner. Boooo. I need to get one of those little portable "James Bond" spy scanners.

    Pretty Neat Designs: Thanks lady! haha, that's funny about the chompers!

  4. wow, gorgeous!!!! those illustrations are amazing! you have such a knack for finding these fabulous children's books :)

  5. I too had this record as a child and have been looking all over the internet to see if I could find out anything about it. Is the first song in this about the marching band with "pots and pans, homemade kazoos,shakers too..."? So glad I found this blog, I'll be checking in often.

    1. I'm looking for this song! Do you have any idea what it was called or what record it was on?!