Friday, July 31, 2009

It's Stahl, Doll!

There are houses. And then there is the Stahl House, or Case Study House #22. You probably know it from the infamous photograph taken by Julius Shulman. Julius was a fresh young fellow who took brilliant architectural photographs back in the 1960s documenting amazing architecture. But back to Stahl House. This iconic house makes me crazy, it's so good. The clean lines, the expansive glass...the way it looks like it's just floating on that edge. Oh what I would give to have a cocktail party there. Can you imagine?? 

Located on a hill in West Hollywood, overlooking downtown LA, it features humongous windows, a stunner of a pool and priceless views. The Stahl Family still owns the place and if you live in the area you can actually take a tour. I'm dying to know how much it would cost to rent the place for a party.
The house is divine, but you have to give it up to Julius Shulman too. His photos made everything look just a little bit cooler. Here is some more of Julius for yer viewing pleasure.

AMAZING! You really can find pretty much everything on YouTube, check out this little video tour. There are some cheesy moments where we have to suffer through tour groups of people mugging it up in the kitchen, but its pretty fun to watch.

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  1. gah. argh. (wails) (gnashes teeth) it's so beautiful. i really want to live there.

  2. Oh wow, exactly like in the movies. Swoon....

  3. lovely. i have always wanted to go on a tour... it might make a cute date for me and husband.

  4. It's so great huh! I mean, I've seen that photo so many times but this was the first time I really LOOKED at it in detail.
    Rebecca if you go you gots ta report back!