Friday, July 17, 2009

Vintage Mamas

Nothing makes me smile like vintage photos. The colors and composition are always so other worldly. I also love trying to figure out the backstory, you, what was happening when the image was taken. Occasionally you luck out and someone knows the people in the photo. Check out these great Flickr shots that people have posted of their mamas!

First up....

How gorgeous is this lady?? I love her hair. I love her dress. But more importantly I love the fact that she is on her way to the 1967 GRAMMY AWARDS!!!!!! Aw yeah. I believe her husband was a composer. She's really so dang pretty huh.

But she wasn't the only stylish one in the family. Look at her with her sisters on easter. These ladies are the bomb:

Images from bigbrownhouse

Now check out this lovely lady:

Mmmm, german chocolate cake. As an aside, German Chocolate cake isn't German at all. German was a brand of chocolate (like Hershey's) and they invented the cake!

Images from Tommy and Georgie

I also love this lady's look. She is so quirky and cool. Rockin' in 1970. Dig that frenzy of patterns!

Ahhh, the ol "nap and smoke," as her son called it.  Heh.

Images from bryanscott
And then just for kicks— LOVE these boozin' airplane grannies!!!  HAPPY FRIDAY YA'ALL!!!

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  1. Snazzy! I like the Charlie Brown christmas tree. I have a photo of my parents in front of their first tree and it looks a lot like that one, blue ornaments and all.

  2. i love old photos and the stories behind them as well.

    this collection is wonderful. my favorite is the boozy granny. makes me miss my gramma so much.

  3. love 60's fashion & I know U do 2 ;-) Have a fabulous weekend chica <3

  4. Oh what fun!
    I just love old photos. I love having old photos of my mum & dad when they were younger around the house ~ they look so cool!

  5. crazy fun!!! ....and wow!!! love grammy/mommy's hair!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks guys! I know, I love these ladies too. That granny at the end is killing me. So great!

  7. Here's a picture for those vintage mamas who want to match their vintage dadas.

  8. Tim Tumbleson! that is hilarious!!!!!! nice to see you over here!