Monday, July 27, 2009

Hand Drawn Hipster

I love hand drawn lettering and sketchy illustrations. I have to admit it's become impossibly trendy—any time someone wants to make something look indie, they hand drawn it. Check out movies like Napoleon Dynamite, the opening scene of Juno and the more recent Away We Go. 

But even though it's popping up everywhere, I still totally dig it. And some  artists still stand out as unique and interesting. Andy J Miller's work is a great example. His stuff is colorful, playful and cool—a little bit psychedelia, and a little bit 70s coloring book.
 Take a looksie:

Images from: Andy J Miller

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  1. loves it, I need an indie rock colouring book in my life!

  2. those are all so cute. i like that in reaction to the digital age some value has been given to naive styles. It seems so special to me, that its hand drawn, and maybe a bit wonky and human.