Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Don Shank's retro quirkiness.

I like this fella's style! Very retro and dark. His name is Don Shank....I have to look into him.

OK, so the kitty isn't that dark...haha. I really like the second image, like a kooky vintage laboratory. How is everyone today? It looks like rain out here in Cali. Where oh where did the sunshine go??

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  1. Don Shank is cool! I remember seeing more of his work on either Drawn! or Grain Edit a while back when i think his Yuki 7 stuff came out. I love that dry-brush look of his work.

    Sorry to hear your sunshine went away. Its a bit grey and wintry here - but then again its winter ;) I'm feeling sunny cos i finally started my blog the other day! yaaaay!

  2. i had to use the windshield wipers on the way to work today!! damn you bay area! i LOVE the second pic too! those colors are fabo.

  3. the girl in the first image looks like my friend tomi.

  4. Oh. My. Goodness! I LOVE his work. Love it. I'm swooning here.