Thursday, July 30, 2009

It's a Mad Mad World

I love the 60s and I work in explain to me why I have never seen an episode of Mad Men?? It makes no sense. It's like this show was tailor made for me. Despite never having seen the show, I'm wise to the antics of Don Draper and his crew. I must say that January Jones (the actress on the show who plays Betty Draper) really has the best name ever.

So this has been making the rounds and I thought you guys might have some fun with it if you haven't seen it already!  It's the "Mad Men Yourself" generator on

It's a fun little engine that lets you turn yourself into a stylized little character of yourself as you might appear on Mad Men. The results are a little bit Shag and whole lotta fun. They never have enough options to truly make you look like yourself, but it was fun to think "What WOULD my spazzy hair be like back in the day?"

So this really looks nothing like me, and I certainly don't have the boobage like this lady does, but it was the closet I could come. This is my "evening" look. haha.

The wardrobe on the show is pretty amazing. The dress on the far right is my pick!

The green is pretty divine too, don't you think?

OK gang, let's see YOUR Mad Men character.

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  1. You really should watch the show it's just genius. After all you are Donna Draper! And the first episode they start with Lucky Strike's famous logo which was the only mistake because hello--that's Raymond Loewy's work and everyone knows that! (And by everyone I mean just me, since I wrote my college thesis on him. Sigh!)

  2. I love that you wrote your thesis on Raymond Loewy!!!
    And hell yeah I need to watch this crazy show. What is my problem? I think because its a few seasons in I feel so behind! I just need to rent me some DVDs pronto.

  3. I'm only on disk two of season one and once you get used to the amazing set and furniture and cigarette holders and wardrobe... there is not a ton there. I am headed to disk three and giving it one last chance to hold me.

  4. I can not get through an episode of Mad Men without pausing multiple times to say "OMG look at that dress!!!". The costuming is AMAZING.

  5. Funny...I just watched all of Season 2 last weekend. Though I still haven't watched the first season.

    I'd just been admiring the cute dresses that Peggy Olson wears (she's meant to be the dowdy one) when Joan Holloway (the ultra sexy one in the green above) advises that she'd better stop dressing like a little girl if she wants to be taken seriously.

  6. Oh, forgot to say that what made me decide to finally watch it was this episode of TAL:

    Act One. Mad Man.