Monday, July 6, 2009

Monday Red, White and Blues

Another long weekend has come and gone. Waaah! It's always too short, isn't it? We had a great time visiting our friends in Fresno ("Fresno??"). Yes, Fresno. It was insanely hot (109 anyone? I knew we weren't in SF anymore when it was 103 degrees at 7:30 at night....), but we had such a good time. Our friends' live on a cool cul de sac and they always have a big neighborhood party—bouncy house, BBQ, cakewalk, sno cones and lots of fireworks. All the kids decorate their scooters and bikes with streamers and have a little parade around the park. It's really fun and  charming. One little girl has this tricked out pink Barbie corvette car that is soooo over the top. It's hilarious. Wolfie was intrigued. I'm more of a Mini Cooper girl myself (not the most practical, but i still pine for one...). How was your weekend??

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  1. how lovely.
    those pictures of you and the wolf cub just melt my heart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    look at the smile on his face, and i just love how his little arms are crossed over you.

  2. is that your mini????? that's my dream car! you boys are adorable!

  3. Aw thanks miss jenny! He is the sweetest little man...I know you know the luv too!!

    tracey, I WISH that were my mini! Although I think i'd want a little red one. They are so stinkin' cute....i drive a very normal VW Jetta. And yes, we have a Honda Odyssey (inherited from my folks). Never thought I'd do the mini van but Greg LOVES's good for toting band gear to gigs too.

  4. darn he's cute! Love that he wears small Paul,my widdle wun still does but big sissy has relegated the PF shirts to PJ's....wah!

  5. It looks like a great weekend. so nice to see some family photos up too. You totally suit a mini.

    I've been having an australia feast after my holiday, make sure you pop over and check it out :)

  6. adorable photos!

  7. Lovely photos Alex. I'm glad you had a lovely weekend. Oh and I just read the other comments and found out that you drive a 'very normal VW Jetta'... guess what, so do I. That's one more thing to add to the list...