Friday, July 31, 2009

Style Files: Casual Friday Crazy Pattern

Aw yeah, it's FRIDAY people! I'm so happy. It's been a nutty week and I'm looking forward to a little relaxin this weekend. Oh yeah, here are the deets:

+ Vintage Dress, possibly thrifted or from a little shop (i can't remember!!)
+ Gap bootleg jeans
+ Cropped cardigan with little birdie applique (from target a few years ago)
+ Black ratty Converse
+ White plastic necklace
+ LOOP NY Andy Warhol Banana Tote

So this is off the subject, but man oh man my skin is feeling dry—and let's not even discuss the dark circles under my poor lil eyes. Any recommendations for skin products? What do you guys use? Do eye cremes even work?? Hmmm. I'd love some recos friends.

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  1. I had that cardigan from target! How do you take such good care of your clothes, I had to get rid of mine ages ago. I'll trade laundry tips for skin care tips. As for eye cream, I use (and love) ooh la lift by Benefit. It works great under. They also have a good cream for the dark circles called Eye Con, which incidentally takes away winter eyebrow dandruff as a hidden bonus.

  2. i must admit, i'm pretty jealous of that warhol bag! and you've reminded me i need to resurect the dress+jeans combo, myself. my poor neglected dresses. you look great!

    as for eye creams, i use a chanel one which has worked well in reducing puffiness and strengthening my under-eye skin to fade dark circles. Hope your weekend is relaxing :D

  3. I actually don't use eyecream,but the last time I was preg(almost 7 yrs ago)my skin dryed up on me. I usually use (and STILL) use prescript comfort lotion,but I switched to La Mer(crazy costly),after I had the little petal,my skin began to break out from the rich moisturizer,and I gave the rest away!
    You look darling as usual!

  4. I am completely nuts over the Yes to Carrots line, they have this cream called C today or C you in the morning that is just divine. I have normal to dry skin and this works just great on me. You can get it in drugstores and its has 98% organic all natural ingredients. My face just craves it every morning and it leaves my skin uber soft. You can't beat that!

    p.s. I heart that dress, the colors are just fab! Have a great weekend!!

  5. Oooh finally I am able to read and respond to these. Thanks guys!

    Pretty Neat Designs: well, the sweater is pretty darn pilly I have to say! I also am big on turning things inside out when I wash 'em—it really saves on fading or things getting snags. I like Benefit stuff but haven't bought it in a while. I think I'm due for a Sephora visit!

    Miss Pilgrim Lee: Oooh Chanel....mmmmm. That sounds fun and splurgy! I love Chanel lip gloss!

    Jungle Dream Pagoda: Aw, thank you. I've used La Mer before when it was wintery and it was actually pretty fab, but its sooo rich. You def need to have dry skin to get the most out of it!

    Your Hard Luck: oooh i've seen this before! So you like it?? Hmmm...Does it smell good?? I'm gonna track it down!

    Thanks you guys!!

  6. could you be any cuter??? seriously! hmmm... eye cream... on the low end, I like aveeno eye serum. on the high end, i love christian dior skin products.