Thursday, July 2, 2009

I Wanna Go on a Vintage Roadtrip!

While I grew up in Michigan, I was born in California and my parents have always had a fondness for our lovely Golden State. Every summer they would pack up the car and we would all drive cross country to Santa Cruz (where my parents taught at the UC Santa Cruz Summer Language mom taught German, my father Spanish). I looooved spending my summers there and have so many great memories, but I have to say I always enjoyed the drive cross country too. In retrospect I think my parents were crazy—when we started our Santa Cruz trips I was 7 1/2 and my brother was 2 1/2....can you imagine going that far with two little kids?? And our first trip was in a Volkswagen station air conditioning and AM radio only. Ahhh, those were the days! I will say it was a fantastic way to see the country and ever since I've always loved a good road trip. On the top of my list of places to visit is Bisbee, Arizona. Why Bisbee, you ask? Because it's home to the Shady Dell motor home lodge! Featuring 9 refurbished vintage aluminum Airstream Trailers, it has got to be one of the cutest places to stay in the country.

Picket fence anyone?? It's seriously the perfect amount of mid-century cool, Americana kitsch and all the comforts of home. All of them have different themes, from the 33 foot "Royal Mansion" (complete with leopard carpeting and martini glasses just waiting for happy hour!) to the adorable Tiki Bus Polynesian Palace (with built in breakfast nook and hi fi stereo). Let's take a look inside:

A stones throw away is Dot's Diner, an authentic 50s diner that used to be in Los Angeles and was transported via flat bed to Bisbee. I mean seriously, can it get any cuter? All they need is an on-site miniature golf course and I'm set! Have any of you stayed here? I think I need a roving reporter to check this out for me! Any takers??

Images from: Ginger <3, Jek in the Box,

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  1. I know! Someone we know HAS to go check 'em out!

  2. I am DYING to go there! You have no idea how much -- I'm thinking that this would be my honeymoon... first stay in the wigwams in Rialto, then on to Arizona...


  3. I was gonna say I think jek goes there! And I see she helped out with pictures. I think this fall would be nice in Bisbee...

  4. oh my gawd... thats it. i need to move to the USA. All of this: too fantastic!!

  5. Hey! I know the people that run the Shady Dell! If you ever make it out, let me know! A bunch of work friends all went there for the 4th of July....the pictures are priceless!

  6. I think we all need to take a trip out here! Blogger round up anyone??

    tammyng, how cool that you know them! they must be fun people!

  7. I was thinking of this place for the honeymoon, we already have it set up but I am pretty sure it will be 90degrees and no air conditioner so i dont we we are going anymore. and then we'd do the route 66 drive back and sleep in the teepee motels but once again it is so hot...