Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Letterpress is perty.

I love letterpress. I guess that's kind of  a dumb thing to say because is there really anybody out there who DOESN'T like letterpress?? It's tactile, elegant and cool. I love when people use it in unexpected, modern ways too. Studio on Fire is an awesome little design shop that produces some amazing letterpress work. You may remember the name when I posted about my friend Rilla Alexander's beautiful work in their annual calendar. They always have a unique twist, whether its typography or color, to their work that makes it so special.

Rilla's work with Studio on Fire makes me smile:

My friend Brian Gunderson, who is a genius designer and totally cool guy, was a contributer to the same calendar and also designed these rad little journals:

I just love the colors in this piece! They recently won an AIGA award:

This wedding invitation is already legendary, but I had to include it. Amazing colors, adorable concept! Big lerve for the boombox.

Check out Studio on Fire's fun BLOG for more cool letterpress work.

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  1. I looove letterpress, it looks so fresh and colourful, I work in print and wish we had the equipment to do stuff like this!

  2. that is some beautiful work! makes me want to learn how to that, asap! those wedding invitations are so modern and fresh too <3

  3. I had not seen the wedding invitations. They are adorable! Makes me want to get married again.

  4. Studio on Fire are THE best. No-one else gets it quite the way they do.

  5. smashingbird: oooh how cool that you work in print (and wait, i think i knew that). i'd love to learn to letterpress!

    Mars I know! makes me want to get married again!!

    Glammy Housewife (may i call you glammy? hee) I know! Me too!

    Rilla my sweet, YOU are THE BEST! No wonder they always want to work with you!!