Friday, July 17, 2009

Style Files: today, yesterday

Whoooooo chile what a week! I was at work til at least 10:00 every night, which is never ideal, but I'm working with some really fun ladies, so it kind of makes up for it all. The whole family is going on vacation next week to Michigan and I'm SO excited to go home for a non-sad occasion. My last visit was for my aunt's memorial, which was bittersweet— beautiful but sad.

Here's what I wore. OK, i have to confess. Although I'm wearing this exact outfit, this photo is from many months ago, so I'm kind of cheating. I just haven't had any time to snap new pics. Plus my hair looks better here than it does at this moment. Eh, whatcha gonna do?

+ Black Target Cardigan
+ Sundress from Kohls (I've only been in there twice, and its kinda "meh", but I managed to find a few fun things!)
+ Thrift store beads
+ Miu Miu Space Age Stewardess sling backs
+ The infamous Paul+ Joe Owl bag from Target

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  1. ooh that IS great hair! its like 70s/80s 'barbie' illustration hair ( which to me, is the pinnacle of great hair. I like the color block dress too - great color combo!

  2. your hair is stunning here! how did you get those gorgeous soft big curls?! loverly, lady.

    and i am loving all the colors in this getup. the dress is so cute! i have been to kohl's a handful of times and i can't really figure it out- some of the simply vera wang stuff has been cute- i bought a little black swing jacket thing on sale (80% off!) and have gotten some kids clothes there... but i can't quite understand their whole pricing thing... is it a discount store? department store? what's the deal with everything ALWAYS being like 40-80% off?? not that i'm complaining about affordable prices, just curious. anyhoo. you look super gorgeous AS USUAL my lady. and i covet that bag!!!!!!

  3. pilgrim....BARBIE HAIR!!! hahaha I love it! Thank you. This was a complete fluke if I recall. I think I remember saying, "Shoot, my hair looks pretty good today. How'd that happen??"

    freckleina! (wait, i'm trying to spell it like Thumbelina, but it's not quite looking right...) Yeah Kohls....WTF with their pricing?? It's always on sale and i cant figure out if its a weird marketing ploy. Hmmm, It always seems a TAD cheapy in there, what with the fluorescent lights and all. but I'm never one to turn down a bargain and I have found cute stuff for work (dresses), I like the Vera stuff although her colors are super muted and not the best on me (i will say I wear the HELL out of that short sleeved cardigan I got there though!). They also have the "Elle" collection which is I think Elle magazine??

    OH, and the hair was an UTTER fluke. And you would die if you saw it today because its a frizzy mess. I swear!

  4. i am getting a kohls near my house in september...that *could* be dangerous!

    i love your color combos..and yes that hair! holy mother is soo lush! you are a lioness! rawr!

    you are amazing!

  5. you are soooo purty!!!!!
    quelle sigh on the owl bag,shoulda grabbed one online!