Monday, July 27, 2009

Taking the New Yawker out for a spin.

Well, we're finally back from our little holiday at the lake. It's always good to be home, but Michigan was so much fun I wish we had a leeetle more time there.

One afternoon Greg and I decided to take the New Yorker out for a spin and lemme tell ya, that is one helluva car!!!  (for those who are new around here, my Uncle Max had a mint condition, 1977 baby blue Chrysler New Yorker with white leather's a tank. And it's AWESOME.) We turned it on and I swear that I felt like I stepped into a time machine. The radio sounds so adorably old timey and you feel like you're sitting in First Class on a Pan Am airplane. 

The steering wheel is really small and narrow, but it handles like a dream.  For a 1977 auto, it is loaded with goodies—automatic seats & windows, "search" on the radio, a snazzy light up vanity mirror (hey, this may not sound impressive, but remember this was the 70s people. Most folks still had hand crank windows!). 

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  1. Taking a ride in that car would be a dream. I love the hats. My grandparents had an Oldsmobile with one of those light-up mirrors and I would beg to sit in the front seat so I try it out. Why are modern cars so dull?!

  2. What a beauty. And the car is nice too! :p

    Thanks doll,
    The Glamorous Housewife

  3. love the outfits!

  4. Pretty Neat Designs: The light up mirror was soooo fancy back then, wasn't it?? I remember thinking this car was like a limo.

    Glamorous Housewife: xoxox!!

    Lishy and Smashingbird: you guys are the best.

  5. alexandra tyler. i am absolutely beside myself. my cheeks hurt from all the smiling i'm doing over these pictures!!!!!! you. and the hat. and your mister. and the mirror shots! i can actually feeeeel the vacation.
    i'm wondering just how many times the discussion of moving to michigan came up?????? hmmmm?

  6. That is one cool car!! You and your cute little family travel in style!

  7. i am soooo smitten with this set! it's one of those moments where you feel like a kid again! soo exciting and soo much fun!