Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mixology 1969

I come from a long and glorious line of collectors. My Tante Maria saved and treasured everything—and was amazingly tidy about it (unlike the explosion of goodies that are strewn about my house). She recently passed away and we've been going through her household sorting through her belongings. While a bittersweet process, we have been finding some mighty fun treasures along the way: high heeled "sneaker" wedges from the 70s (in mint condition I might add...TREASURE!), a well worn-but-lovely collection of vintage aprons from the 50s/60s, adorable straw sun hats, a vintage Dior dress, scarves, a toilettetry bag with "orla kiely" esque pattern. Yesterday my mom said to me, "I thought you might like this." My aunts old barware...complete with little drink guides she had pulled out of magazines in 1969-1972. There were even little cute hand written scraps of paper with drink recipes on them. So cool. I thought you guys might like to see them. While the drinks all sound delish, its the photos and typography that I'm lovin'.

Dig it! An astrology themed cocktail guide for "44 Famous Mixed Drinks." Outlook for this evening Aries? You are enthusiastic, confident, quick-witted and best served with a splash of vodka. 

Well hello there....this fine fella is certainly putting the MAN in Manhattan! I like how you can choose the "ordinary" or the "improved" version. Is there really any decision that needs to happen here??

I love her dress and shoes...hey wait a sec, isn't this the same Manhattan playa from the other photo??

Ya know, they didn't mess around back in the 60s. You'll notice that each of these little booklets offers a minimum of 44-46 drink recipes.

"Rough day at the office? Nothing like having your lady serve you a salad from a bowl on the floor with a four foot tall high-ball glass by her side...."

Is there a drink named the Joan Collins? There must be, right??

Believe it or not, we actually have that orange fireplace. But when the day is done, I have NOT been sipping a Stinger. I think I need to fix that pronto.

I love the labels on these bottles....amazing!

Heehee....the cravat....the couple in the background....I don't think I even need to say anything, do I??

I think she finds that cocktail more engaging than Mr Blue Shirt, Blue Tie, Blue Sportcoat.
But frankly I don't blame her. I suddenly have a craving for something cold and boozy....hmmmm.

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  1. woweee! it's only 8.30am but something cold and boozy sure does appeal! that fireplace is amazing! do you really have it? *envy*

  2. wow thats one lurid manhattan!! love it! the bottle labels are so cool, too.

    i have a recipe book based on star signs, but its from the 90s so not nearly as hilarious.

    So what would go in a Joan Collins cocktail?

  3. No way! This is almost as exciting as when I found a cookbook in my grandmother's kitchen devoted to entire meals using gelatin. What do they suggest for a Pisces?! I feel the need for a breakfast drink.

  4. i'm an aries and i'll have a shot of vodka please....chilled! :)
    great post!

  5. I am a leo, what should I be drinking? Let me know when I should be there and I sure hope Mr. Blue is there! Twyla

  6. Perhaps that manhattan is made with some psychodelic drugs to boot!

    I am so serving my sweetie salad from the floor tonight!

  7. You need to host a party- you sure know how to make a girl want a good drink! Lovely post! I am a Leo too- I like vodka, is that okay? :0)

  8. Oh wow! Fantastic! I love how they seemed to be able to work the star sign angle into everything... happy hour astrology... yes please.
    Can you please, please show us some of the other treasures, like the sneaker wedges (do they fit you??), the aprons, the dress. More please!

  9. haha! i'm glad I'm not the only one having little boozey thoughts before noon, nath!

    pilgrim...a Joan Collins has to be something tall, cool and over the top methinks! but perhaps with a touch of a bite. *wink*

    prettyneat, cara*mia, twyla, lemondropmarie...I need to look up our drinks!! And I'm a leo too....all these lioness' in the house.

    lisa: YES!!!! The sneaker wedges fit and I've worn them twice! they are awesome. And they look very modern. I'll totally snap a pic when I get back.