Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Super Hero Fashion Shoot to the Rescue!

I was browsing through my inspiration files and stumbled upon this photo shoot I had saved. It was for Harper's Bazaar and featured Lindsay Lohan and superheroes. Whether you love La Lohan or not, I think we can all pretty much agree that this is a bad ass photo shoot. I mean, The Hulk? Captain America? Love it! As a gossipy aside, in the Batman shot Linds is wearing a supah chic Nina Ricci dress. It's also the same dress that was offered to Sarah Jessica Parker to wear to the Sex in the City premier, like four months later. It became quite the controversial topic because the SITC premier was a super hot photo opp for any designer and SJP was pretty pissed that they didn't tell her the dress had been worn not once, but TWO times prior. Hee. I love fashion.

Photographed by the brill Peter Lindbergh. The guy who played the superhero has a fun Flickr page where he posts Behind the Scenes shots from the shoot.

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  1. I am sooooo not a fan of The Lohan, but she looks pretty amazing in those pics.

  2. You know, I dont' hate her but I'm not crazy about her....and yet that damn Freaky Friday movie is SUCH A GUILTY PLEASURE for me!!!! I think she and Jamie Lee Curtis are amazing in it. I just wish she would get her life together....tho her mom is NUTZO, so no wonder she is kookoo too.

  3. Baby Spiderman is a nice touch - Lohan is going to be in an ABC Family movie this weekend - kinda sad to go from magazine spreads and big movies like Mean Girls to direct to TV movies...

  4. What I really love is La Lohans hair.....and that yellow dress!

  5. fantastic editorial -- love the hair!

  6. Thanks everyone! Betty and Jungle Dream I love her hair too! Amy, the baby spidey cracked me up too!!

    {this is glamorous} I loooooooove your blog, I'm so honored you popped by! whoo hoo!