Friday, July 17, 2009

Hello Camp Freckles!

So the adorable jenny over at Frecklewonder wrote the sweetest post about me and Strawberry Lemonade. I just wanted to say a big HOWDY DOO to those of you who clicked on over from Jenny's site. It's nice to have ya over here and I hope you stick around!

Jenny and I are old pals—we met on eBay believe it or not. I happened to stumbled upon a genius listing she had made for "1970s bell bottom booty pants" and she stumbled upon a listing for some "space age silver t-straps" I was selling....and the rest was history! (she bought the shoes, I decided to forgo the pants!) We both used to model our own vintage clothes (I must brag and say that we were definitely among the first to do this on ebay, now people are SUPER fancy and stage full on photo shoots!). Anyway, here we are in one of my silly dresses. Lord I look so much younger and THINNER!! waaaah.

She really is one of my favorite people ever, so spunky, funny, smart and adorable. We actually even met a few months after Wolfie was born. She and one of her friends came out to visit and stayed with us. I remember Greg picked them up from the airport rather late (their flight had been delayed) and because I was still a sleep deprived phool I was in bed when they got to our house. The next morning I was making coffee and Jenny came into the kitchen and we just stood there giggling at each other like "WOW! It's really person!" It's so funny with online friendships....through blogs and Flickrs you see these people every day and begin to feel like you KNOW them. Meeting her was so lovely. This was from that visit!

Look how little Wolfie is!!!! Be sure to swing on over to Jenny's blog and check out the cuteness that is frecklewonder.

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  1. oh, the memories!!!!!!! i wanted to grab more older pics too, but my durn old imac's hard drive bit the dust and i couldn't access old stuff.

    these were such a treat to see!!!!! why do i feel like i look like 18. darn i feel old now, wah!

    thank you for sharing!!!!
    i lurve you miss alex!!!!! XO

  2. I know!! Our house was broken in to and they stole my computer so alllll my photos are gone from up til Wolfie's first year!! Thank goodness we uploaded a bunch to snapfish for the grandparents.....I pulled these offa LiveJournal believe it or not!!

    You look adorable.
    I look like a granny now compared to those photos. I swear I'm bigger now that when I had WOlfie! How does this happen????

    thank you too sweet pea.
    lurve you to the moon and back too!

  3. oh you added that white door shot after i posted my first comment, HOW HILARIOUS> and you are a genius for revisting the old lj- i should do the same. wonder what kind of pics i have in that ol' gem! HA!

  4. and also! teeny tiny wolf cub!!!!!!!!!!
    i love.

  5. I'm one that popped over from Jenny's blog when she blogged about you, I just love Miss Freckle & have read her blog for years & years, although I think it has only been these last 2 years I've plucked up courage to comment! *giggle* I think I'm going to love it as much here as I do there!
    Look at you two cuties, you are both so adorable!
    Have a fab weekend

  6. hee, i came on over after Jenny bigged you up, and i'm super-glad i did. such a sweet story of how your friendship blossomed! hooray for the interweb!

  7. Hi Alison!!!
    Hi nath!!

    Aw thanks so much for saying HI....I thought you might be Freckle fans, since your names were new to me. Thanks soooo much for saying hi!! It means alot to me. Most people seem shy to comment on blogs, but truly its so nice to put a name to the anonymous clicks! I'm excited you're here and hope you come back!!

  8. you guys are so freaking cute, love ya both.

  9. Jenny is awesome! I will visit her blog now btw I nominated U for a blogger award come visit my blog 4 the details! xoxo