Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday's Girls.

It's funny, I love pretty, whimsical illustrations...but I also love drawings that border on the dark and somewhat creepy. Add cute little princess leia buns, nerd glasses and/or or Blythe doll-esque foreheads and I'm a gonner! Take a gander at these haunting girlies from Jonas Löfgren. They're pretty amazing.

Apparently Lula magazine is featuring some of his work in their upcoming issue—a series of celeb girlies. Hmmm. I think I want someone to draw spindly illustrations of me posing all wonky and wearing designer duds!

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  1. haha - that totally looks like Mary Kate!

  2. his stuff is groovy huh! The M-K one totally made me laugh too!

  3. Whose work is this, I couldnt find a link? They are very cool.

  4. Hi Christina!!
    His name is actually at the top of this post! It's Jonas Lofgren. His site has been down since I posted this (if you click his name it will take you to the site but then it says "we are updating"). Here is another blog that wrote about him: