Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vintage Photography: Superbomba

I remember thrifting one day and finding an amazing coat. It was a beautiful deep cherry red and had fantastic white and gold buttons—the classic mod spy coat trench. The lining was spectacular too, all pink and white psychedelic. I put my hands in the pocket and felt a small square of folded paper. It was a short, handwritten shopping list: milk, bread, cream of mushroom soup, chicken (I smell a casserole cookin….). Thrifting, antiquing, flea marketing shopping etc are all about finding those special lost or forgotten treasures. But I especially love when you get a little bonus like a shopping list or birthday card with a special message from inside. The Holy Grail of these bonus prizes, however, has to be vintage photos. If you’re really lucky you can still find old shoeboxes or photo albums filled with these forgotten treasures. The colors and content can be sowistfully weird and wonderful. I have a small stash of old photos myself, but my favorite “online curator” of golden oldies has to be Flickr’s superbomba. I love what she says about the photos she finds:

"I like extremes. Really boring or really interesting. Full of nothing or really over the top. I like anything where a person looks sad or awkward or nuts… anything excruciatingly mundane. Ultimately I look for whatever captures my imagination somehow.”

I think that’s really it. Vintage photos are best when they are totally over the top or extremely banal. Here are some of my faves….the dog cake is really out of control, don’t you agree?

I am gaga for that little vintage bathing suit with the faux strappies....but something tells me I'd look like Humpty Dumpty wearing that. Harumph.

Images: the amazing superbomba

Interview excerpt from here.

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  1. that one of the guy on the water slide is freaking me out!

    i have the tiniest collection of old photos ever. i should scan them some day. i should also include a couple of choice photos from brian's childhood. when he was about three feet tall, he was a clown's assistant.

  2. OMG get thee to a scanner NOW!!!!!

  3. This is a great collection!


  4. the guy on the slide, OMG!!!!!!!!
    great photos, thanks fer sharin' lady a.

  5. thank you honey!
    jenny....the slide, i know!!
    but seriously showing the poodle the cake that looks like him...and then eating it??? creeeepers!