Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh ho! I told you I bought one.

Our weather has been the classic San Francisco yo-yo effect. It was cold, then hot, then freezing
and now we've finally settled with a cool-but-sunny temperature.
It feels a lil like autumn in May and even though I'm ready for summer, I love this
kind of weather.

+ Vintage sailboat dress (thrifted in Michigan)
+ Cynthia Rowley bicycle belt
+ Miu miu white mary janes
+ Vintage red, white & blue patent handbag
+ TINY HAT!! By Chapeau Claudette

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  1. cute.. as always!

    okay. i have a question. is there a trick to wearing shoes without hosiery? or am i alone in getting sweaty stink feet when trying that?

  2. Your tiny hat has a birdcage veil! Holy crapballs I love it. I wore a birdcage veil for my wedding & was wondering if I can ever bring it out in real're totally rocking this so I'm thinking, "Yes."