Friday, May 29, 2009

Vintage Storybook Charms

Well you all know by now that I’m gaga for vintage children’s books. So I wanted to share with you my pal Kristen’s amazing jewelry. She takes adorable illustrations from vintage children’s books and makes the most deeeelightful “storybook charms” to hang off necklaces. Even better, she uses vintage beads and charms to make the necklaces. There are images on both sides, so it's almost like two necklaces in one. Adorable, no? So sweet, funky and cool….just like you! Honestly, I think you need one.

Check out more of her awesome stuff at Mood Swing Studios.

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  1. i need several.

  2. Tell Ev you need a "push prezzie"....haha (i think that's what it's called)

  3. Woah thanks for this! I love these and feel the need to buy one real soon! I have a similar necklace I got at Vintage Store with a little girl and her kitten on it, I absolutely ADORE it and the vintage children's themes as well!

  4. These are gorgeous! Thx for sharing. I think I also need a few of these too :) Wini (via BYW)