Friday, May 22, 2009

Style Files: Casual Friday

HAPPY FRIDAY everyone! This was a fun week for me because lots of new people stopped by my little blog. I was super honored to have been the Decor8 Blog of the Week... a big hello to all of you who found me via the fabulous Holly's link—I hope you guys stick around!
Also, I just joined the Independent Fashion Bloggers community(you might have noticed my snazzy new banner on the sidebar) and the super sweet Jennine kindly made me the "new member of the day". Wowza! What I did to deserve all this lovely stuff, I'll never know....but I've been jumping for joy!

OK, so I had a major case of the TGIFs. I figured it was a casual, black converse kinda day. Here's what I came up with:

+ Crazy colored tunic-dress thing,
Sushi Flowers
+ Jeans,
+ Green cardigan (i love this color),
+ Shiny rhinestone butterfly necklace,
Anna Lou of London (a Top Shop treasure!)
+ Beat up black Converse
+ Sequin rainbow & apple tree tote bag,
+ Lipstick is
Sephora Glamour lip G06 (cheap and goes on sheer enough that you can just slap it on without a mirror!)

pssst, i'm jumping here...just so you don't think i'm making a weird face for no
reason! i'm not getting much air, haha.

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  1. I love this outfit someone I totally see myself wearing... you're super adorable.

  2. not someone... I meant SOMETHING... lol

  3. Alex, I swear, it's like you take cute pills! Adorable!

  4. the cut of that shirt is super cute on you.

  5. om-i-god! that bag is so cute. you must have a HUGE wardrobe. Can I come and live in it for a while.

  6. When you get really sick of that shirt and sweater please sell it to me, same for the bag. I already have the jeans and the chucks. :)

    Damn girl, you are so freaking adorable.

  7. So gorgeous! I love your outfit! Greetings from germany! C*