Friday, May 8, 2009

Water Babies.

A year or so ago I was working on a very cool project at work. It was a perfume launch for a celeb and I thought it would be amazing if we could shoot the entire thing underwater (never mind that the celeb in question is/was a notorious diva and I'm sure would have given me the ol raised "HAIL NO!" brow had I suggested this to her...). My inspiration was this photo of Kiera Knightly—I thought it was really amazing and was dying to try something similar:

Image: Candace

OK, I admit I also watched the season on America's Next Top Model where the girls wore ball gowns in this huge water tank and looooved it. (As an aside, is this season not THEE most boring ever?? I love the crazy big eyed girl, but they're all so freaking boring...I sadly don't even care who wins this time around. And I'm nervous for this new upcoming season supposedly featuring shorty models. Say it ain't so Ty Ty Baby!) But I digress. Back to photography.

So, I was researching fashion photographers who could shoot underwater and it was actually difficult to find people who could shoot underwater. Well the times are a-changin'. I check my mailbox the other day and low and behold what do I find but the new Anthropologie catalog—which features some incredible looking (you guessed it) UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHY.

Barbara Cole

There really is something so ethereal about shooting underwater. The models look like little ghostly sylphs. I decided to dig around in my Inspiration Folder and show you some of my favorite underwater images. HAPPY FRIDAY!

Images by Candace.

Images by
Michael Mulle

These images shot by Alix Malka are so gorgeous and lush. High fashion at its finest.

Images by
Alix Malka

And then there is the almost cinematic quality of Zena Hollway's haunting stunners. Love!

Images by Zena Hollway.

Pssssst! Oh you *know* you wanna know who the celeb was...okok. It was Mariah. And sadly the project died before I ever got to meet her—although she did record some fun copy I wrote for these crazy talking billboards. And even though I'm pretending to be all cool you know I was THRILLLLLLED to bits to hear her sexy, pouty versions of my words! She was actually kind of adorable.

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  1. wow, these pics are amazing...! Thx for sharing & hope you're having a great weekend. Wini

  2. Wow, those are amazing. How hilarious to hear the secrets behind the shoot too :) Mimi sure is a diva!

  3. Glad you enjoyed 'em! Some super talented photographers for sure!

  4. I love these images's too bad that you didn't go through with the project.

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