Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seeing Double with L Felipe dos Santos

I'm notoriously nosey. Or maybe it's just naturally curious. I love getting a peek into people's lives, homes, name it (let me clarify, only when offered up! I'm not one of those people who opens medicine cabinets or anything like that!). So when I stumbled upon L. Felipe dos Santos sketch book, I was hooked. I looooove the amazing mix of watercolor and ink, but it's his process that is really so very clever. He begins by making a watercolor that resembles something of a Rorschach Inkblot test, and then inks on top of that. His work is really great. Take a gander:

See more of his work here. I only picked a wee selection, his other stuff is equally lovely.

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  1. i looooove his style.

    i can't figure out where on earth on the internet to go so that i can find out i can't afford to buy any of them.

  2. wow, wow.
    alex! thanks for sharing, these are incredible, i especially love the first one.

    and yes, where's the link? i'm off to madly search for more info NOW.

  3. EEP! I forgot the credit/link. Thanks for reminding me! I just added it. I think he's a young guy....not positive though!