Monday, May 4, 2009

Tiny Treasures

I totally remember the first 45 record I had:  "Dancing Queen" by those satin loving Swedes, ABBA.  I'd fire up my little record player and hop around to the awesome disco goodness (yes I was in my, I didn't sing into my hair brush) . I eventually accumulated quite the little stash of 45 records and even though I was only seven, I remember feeling like a massively cool teenager spinnin' my hot tunes. (Oh wow, I was just reminded that when I had my First Communion, my neighbor Cheryl Hazel gave me a copy of the awesomely inappropriate record Afternoon Delight as a present...but that's another story.)

Like most folks who remember the good ol days, I have a huge fondness for vinyl. But I have to say that 45s in particular hold an extra special place in my heart. Apparently Kavel Rafferty agrees because she has put together an amazzzzzzing collection of 45 record sleeve art. So nifty! Take a gander:

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  1. I love 45s and these sleeves are awesome.

  2. i loved "dancing queen" as a child! it was on my Disco Duck compilation album my parents (or santa) gave me for xmas when i was probably five. i still have it, but no turntable.

    i remember listening to "da doo run run" and "cherokee nation" on 45s at my grandmother's.

  3. loving these!! and I have to say that I still love ABBA :)

  4. These are so dang cool!!

    ps... hey Alex, found your blog thru some random facebook accident. Check mine out if you have a chance. I know you (like, for realz) but my blog is kind of a "secret identity" for me. Can you guess who I am??