Thursday, May 14, 2009


Perhaps you missed my recent post where I extolled the virtues of rockin’ the granny chic (pop over here to revisit the magic). Well just so you know that I mean business about this granny schtuff, I thought I share with you some additional granny delights!

1. The Granny Brooch.
Check out these lovelies! Rhinestone butterflies, enamel flowers….FABulous! Snag them at tag sales, garagae sales and ebay. You can even buy them in lots, so you have an insta collection.

I like to stick them on cardigans, dresses, tote bags—I’ve even put them on the cuffs of my jeans. Sweet!

2. Granny Shopper.
A little more casual (and a little roomier) than then Granny handbag, the shopper is just thing for schlepping yer stuff in style. I love this one.

3. The Granny Sandal, an update!
Aw yeah. Theeeeeey're baaaaack! So we've already discussed how comfy-n-cute the granny sandal can be. Now check out these new pretty colors! I’m smitten with the green (granny smith apple green???) but the lemon yellow is rad too. Get your granny on HERE. GO GRANNY!

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  1. It makes me crazy that I'm unable to get Worishofers in Canada...what's up with that?! I have covetted those B&W ones of yours for-EVAH!

  2. oh, alex.
    how do i keep forgetting.
    now- to get the new cute green, or those fab black + white babies that you have???

    enough time has gone by that perhaps i need to just go on and get BOTH!!!!!!

    mwah to you.

  3. i am loving your blog, alex! it's awesome. :)

    this post just reminded me to go order a pair of worishofers! i went for the laceup sandal i already have a pair like the ones shown above, but in red. but HELLO, yellow?? those are flipping amazing! i may have to snag a pair of those later!

    i love me some grandma style. :P

  4. RECKLESS: Dahlink, I am happy to have them sent to my house and then ship them up to you (if you don't mind paying shipping....i know they have raised the rates so it might be too pricey, but we can look into it! I'm gonna order some for me, so if we order together they might not charge for more shipping)

    JENNY: You must get some! They take a wearing to break in, but once they them! i have the B/W sling backs and I have the red patent mules (i usually can't do the mule, they feel like I'm wearing slippers and are loosey goosey on my foot, but these rock!!)

    TRICIA: YES! The yellow!!!!!! I was dying when I saw the green and yellow ones. Perfect for summer!! (and HI!! nice to see you over here!!!)

  5. i'm glad you posted this. i was looking at sandals online the other day and kept finding myself stopping on styles similar to those and liking them. then i would realize they were the shoes adults (like teachers) were wearing when i was in elementary school and i worried that meant bad things were happening to me.

    it has also reminded me that my vintage broach collection is sadly neglected these days.

  6. I'm telling you the biggest hurdle with buying these is that the web sites that sell them are seriously all senior -centric....Dale's Shoes (where I got my B&W ones) has the LEAST stylish site known to man. I'm telling ya. But the shoes are soooooo freakin' comfy and i seriously always get compliments on them! They key is to pick a good color (i like the patent ones...have never tried the metallics and I'm intrigued by the lace up front ones).