Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This Week: Bernice Meyers

Welcome back everyone! I hope you enjoyed your three day weekend (it's always shorter than you think, isn't it??). If you checked in over here at all over the weekend, I was fiddling around with this darn layout. The text was breaking all wonky and moving as your browser window opened wider. Argh! I think I fixed it (please lemme know if you're having problems reading anything!).

OK, so on to Storytime Tuesday. This week I'm featuring Bernice Meyers. Her work makes me crazy...crazy in a good way. She does the sweetest illustrations and for some reason I just loooove how she draws little hands (sounds weird, but just you wait!). Apparently her early career was in the fashion industry but eventually she recognized her calling: children's book illustration. These illustrations are from the Golden Book Pear-Shaped Hill by Irving Leitner in 1960. Look at the cool textures and, of course, the adorable little fingers holding the butterfly net and birdcage. The snake is pretty genius too.

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  1. this weekend, we purchased a reproduction of "edith and mr bear" by dare wright. it uses photography instead of illustrations and is delightfully weird.

  2. oooh i haven't seen that one! i have some that i'll have tp post that use little dolls to tell the story (photos of them, its very Rankin and Bass/ Christmas Specias)

  3. Where did the Kermit the frog post go? It showed up in my google reader but it does not show up on your blog!? I am thinking of the Obama dress - I might need to have it.
    Lots of hellos from your fellow classmate!
    -Anita, Graz - Austria

  4. Hallo Anita!
    Hee hee....i wrote it last night and meant to have it post later today, but it accidentally launched early. I just put it back up again....that Obama dress is crazy isn't it! So glad to see you here!
    : )

  5. love the owls.

  6. Snap again Alex! I adore the illustrations in this book - I have 2 copies of it. Love it!

  7. love the rabbits and ferris wheel- thanks for the closeup!