Monday, May 18, 2009

Strawberry Girl.

Was it a beautiful weekend or what? It was hot hot hot here in the Bay Area. We went to another birthday party (i don't know what was going on 9 months and 4 years ago but seems like EVERYONE's little kid is having a birthday this spring). The party today wasat the Chabot Space Center and it was really fun. Wolfie was so into the planets and space simulators and all that jazz (and I looooove space stuff) so we had a super fun time. It was also insanely hot—and despite what you might think about Californians, up in Northern California we are wimps. Whenever it's hot I crave fruit salad and man did we ever hit the mother lode with these amazing organic strawberries.This one berry was soooo huge and perfect, it was like a little heart. Happy Monday people! What did you guys end up doing this weekend?

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  1. did you buy them or pick them? I have such strawberry envy! they look amazing.

  2. all i ate when i was pregs with truman was pineapple, but harrison is my strawberry baby! cartons and cartons!!

  3. I feel like starwberries. Sadly their $6 a punnet here at the moment and don't look nearly as lovely as that.