Monday, May 11, 2009

Wee? Oui!

So one of my latest fashion obsessions has been the tiny hat. I know, I know….crazy, right? See, on the one hand, if you wear a miniature bowler or top hat  you run the risk of looking like those “Two Snaps!” guys from  In Living Color

BUT, if you pick the right hat I swear it can look kind of adorable. My friend Jessica and I were in London for work a few months ago and of course had to hit Top Shop on our one free day. "ToSho" (as our local friend Rosie called it) was 4 floors of insane fashion goodness—I mean, trust me, I Iove to shop and even I was completely overwhelmed, not sure where to turn my attention to first. And then I saw them. Like a wee felt doppelganger of Meredith on Gray's Anatomy they were calling out: "Pick meee! Choose meee! Love meeeee!" Yes, it was the Tiny Hats table. I put one on sort of as a joke, but the minute I saw myself in the mirror I thought, “Oh noooo…..I think I like this!!!” And yes I bought one. Handmade by avant-garde hat designer Chapeau Claudette, these little hats are insane. Quirky. Cool. Silly. Fabulous. I giggle every time I wear mine. And really, shouldn't fashion be all about having fun? Anything that makes me smile is A-OK in my book.

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  1. oh! i saw this after the post where you're wearing your tiny hat. i think you made a good choice... i didn't even realize it was a tiny hat since it's in a classic pillbox setting.

  2. i still remember my first time at top shop....ahhhh it was shopping heaven!