Saturday, May 16, 2009

A little bit sixties.

Thursday night I met up with my Devil-Ette girlies and we went to Little Minsky's Four Year Anniversary at the Club Deluxe. Little Minsky’s is a burlesque review that has super fun caberet singers and dancers. This was an event for me because honestly I'm usually so pooped tired I really rarely go out at night anymore—much less out on a "school night."

My friend Kiki was performing and she was AWESOME. (She is a fellow Devil-ette and does this really cool sixties-go-go-meets-kitty kat burlesque number.) The devil-ettes are def not burlesque (we're very PG-13, as I like to say) but I always love seeing the burly-q girls in their feathers and spangles!

I needed something that I could wear to work but would also look kinda cute (and let me represent for mah 60s girlies) at the show. This was what I came up with.

+ Vintage lace mini dress
+ Blue tights (from We Love Colors)
+ Courreges maroon patent gogo boots
+ miu miu patent handbag with crazy lucite glitter handle (yum)
+ Vintage 60s pendant

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  1. i love the lace dress!!

  2. love those boots and that dress.

    i think i just got those same tights in the mail last week. i ordered some shoelaces for drawstring bags i'm making for oliver and decided i might as well try out a couple of pairs of tights. the kelly green are practically neon!

  3. LOVE THIS!!!! the blue + maroon is sooooo nice together, and the dress! and that fab bag! sheesh, girly.

  4. TOO CUTE. You look totally hot. I love your necklace and I love the fact your not afraid to mix colors. Perfect outfit for meeting the girls.

  5. That purse is aaamaaaazing!!!!

  6. Adorable outfit. Those tights really pop!