Friday, May 1, 2009

Flower Child.

When I woke up today the sun was out. Then the man on the radio said it was going to rain today and probably this entire weekend. Well phooey on that, I say. I got dressed and even though I know thunder clouds are in my future, I decided to put a flower in my hair. Why not? Who says you can only wear flowers when it's sunny or you're lounging on a luscious tropical island?? I'm sportin' my rose while I tromp through the grey concrete jungle. Rain, I dare ya to bring me down.

+ Max Studio dress
+ Flamenco shoes, Office Shoes via Top Shop
+ Spectacle pendant from the groovy girls at Beckerman
+ Brown and Pink handbag
+ Red, red rose

UPDATE: It started raining. The hair's a little frizzier but I'm still smiling.

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  1. Dear Alex,

    Dear God how cute and beautiful and lovely are you? Thank you so much for taking my class, I hope you will keep in touch via Flickr! I adore your font, and your blog in general is so light and bright, I just love it. Good work my dear!


  2. Alex, you are so beautiful! Your blog is really cozy and i like it here. :) Hope you had a good weekend!