Friday, May 29, 2009

A sweet little break.

Call me crazy but there is something magical and soothing about this's nothing but a turntable spinning around, but the song is so lovely. I feel like I could sit and watch it spin forever. Well....almost. Now if only it was a vintage record player. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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  1. You find great videos. I liked the one about fashion in the future a lot, it was cute. And I've actually found myself saying, "ooh, swish" a couple of times.

  2. Talk about sympatico... I just got home from a trip, and am catching up on blogs. I played this little video and realized that X did a cover of this song -- I never knew that it was a cover until this post! But I had been thinking about Exene all morning -- she's been diagnosed with MS. Coincidences work in funny ways. Thanks so much for posting. xoxo