Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Inspiration: Heidi Knew What Was Up

One of my favorite things about having long hair is being able to do different things with it. To some people long hair is a pain and most girls tend to default to the pony tail. But honestly most hairstyles are really so easy to do. I think braids in particular are an easy way to give your hairstyle a little pick-me-up—it's not like we're makin' elaborate up-dos or anything! One of my favorite spring hair-do's is (are?) braids. They're playful, simple and sweet. And as long as yer not going the Bo Derek corn row route, they really simple. I'm not boho in the slightest, but I'm also loving the new trend of two simple, thin braids while the rest of your hair is down. Give it a try!

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  1. Love it! I'm pretty much growing my hair out for the express purpose of wearing braids like this. :D

  2. ha me too, growing it back out

  3. GO LONG HAIR! Although I am often tempted to go for the sassy short bob....I could never wear a pixie cut but I love those too!

  4. Oh I love this collection of photos. I also love your long dreamy mane. I have long hair too but I don't have an ounce of creativity when it comes to my hair - it's always down or in a ponytail. I always wanted to be one of those girls like you who puts things in my hair, does different stuff to it, but I'm not. I want pigtails worn low with ribbons! I want pretty clips that stay in! I want a headband!

    So let's say we meet up and you do my hair! :) LOL

  5. I stumbled upon your blog through decor8, and I am totally putting my hair in braids tomorrow :) Your blog is a lovely find!

  6. decor8: YES!!!! Some day we are soooo meeting up in Germany and we'll run around the cobble stone streets with braids in our hair looking for a nice Bäckerei!!

    Meagan: Oh yay! Thank you so much for stopping by...I hope you come back!