Sunday, May 10, 2009

Word to Your Mother.


When I was little I was always really proud that I had a "pretty mommy". She was always hip and stylish. She had a long mane of golden hair in the 60s and awesome Farrah hair in the 70s. Her hair may have changed but she is still super chic today.

My mother is definitely the person who gave me my love of fashion. At the same time, she has always encouraged me to be independent, strong, smart and adventurous. She tells the best stories. She always knows what to say. And she always knows best. She's my biggest fan and most honest critic. She's the smartest lady I know and my biggest inspiration. And I'm so proud she's MY mama. I LOVE YOU MAMA!!!

Ironically this is us not looking particularly fashionable....we don't have a lick of makeup on, but this was the day we took Wolfie out for his first ride around the lake two summer's ago in Michigan. And it was a such a fun, happy day. It just seemed appropriate. xoxox UPDATE! haha, my mom was so touched by this post and wrote me a lovely email—but then added "Um, that last photo?? I look ghastly!" hahaha. So here we are at the Lake but slightly more spruced up.

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  1. that first photo is complete fancy overload!

    the last one is adorable. i can't believe your mom is so blonde.

    happy mother's day!

  2. aww..totally cute. you both look so happy. and very much alike.

  3. oh god I MUST have your mom's outfit in that first pic!
    why don't our moms hang onto all their cool clothes?

  4. Hey stranger, sweet and funny is that e-mail from your mum.

    I wanted to let you know your in my top five for the byw homework.

  5. Thank you thank you!
    Ms Pooka: I know! Blonde, right?? It's where Wolfie gets his lighter coloring from (i guess I have the blue eyed gene from my mama, and then greg has blue eyes. I was totally expecting a brown eyed boy!)
    Ms Reckless Glue: I know, she had such great clothes. I loved to remind her of how wacky she dressed when she would comment on something of mine that she thought was a little "out there"!
    Danielle: THANK YOU SO MUCH! You are so sweet!

  6. i love your cute shoes in the last pic! :) where did you get it?

  7. Hi Lady Ann! They are marc by marc jacobs....and officially THEE most comfortable-yet-cute shoes ever.