Monday, June 1, 2009

Dreamy Photography.

Well hello there. Recent circumstances in my life have left me feeling rather melancholy. And after a long emotionally exhausting day,  I admit I've sought a bit of solace through my online world. Clicking around I hoped to stumble upon something magical that would take me away. I was in luck. This wonderful treasure hunt we call the web led me to a most extraordinary find—a young photographer. Perhaps you've already discovered her. I was immediately smitten. her images are so wistfully dreamy. So achingly romantic. They make you want to take the day off and run far far away to a big field and simply wander around in the sunshine. Her name is Sita Marie. And she is eleven years old. Happy Monday.

Her sister Beth is also equally gorgeous.

Found via the awesome Lady Ann, via the amazing Bees Knees. Thank you ladies.

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  1. the pic with the van is stunning

  2. OH wow. gorgeous. I'm sorry your feeling down. I hope everything is ok. Feel better soon.

  3. WOW. I hope things get less melancholy soon.

  4. Hope you're doing OK, Alex, and that your mood doesn't affect your wardrobe! :)