Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Anna Sui's Gossip Girl Collection

So Target is at it again, this time they've partnered with the awesome Anna Sui. I actually really love most of her stuff—its very bohemian, vintage inspired. In some ways I think her vintage inspirations are more original than the Godfather Marc Jacobs (gasp! I know, right? I dared to slightly knock the master. Don't get me wrong, I loooooove Marc. But I think Anna Sui is doing it just as well as him and doesn't get a quarter of the props...). Anyway, Anna has joined forces with Target to be the second designer featured in their Designer Collaborations collection (Alexander McQueen was the first). Apparently this is different from the GO International line that showcases hot/younger designers. ANYWAY! This collection is a riff on the Gossip Girl characters. Part of me thinks this is a totally cute & fun idea and part of me is a little disappointed in Ms Sui to hop on the GG train. What do you guys think? Some of these looks are kind of adorable...we'll have to see what they're like in person! Can you guess who is who? (Do you guys even watch Gossip Girl??)

This appears to be inspired by Vanessa and Blair.

I'm guessing Serena and Blair.

Serena and clearly Little J (aka Jenny)

Definitely Serena and Vanessa.

Blair and Vanessa.

You can see the entire collection (and see which ones I guessed incorrectly) at The Cut.

OH! And if you're a fan of the show, you have to check out this rad Tumblr, What Chuck Wore...an homage to all things Chuck Bass. Love it.

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  1. I heart Gossip Girl!!! XOXO - Gossip Waxy

  2. I wish they had target in the UK, the brown patterned dresses are gorge!

  3. this is so epic!! wow, thanks so much for posting this :D! i am super excited. i feel an overnight target stakeout coming on. haha xD

  4. i love anna sui. did you ever see her collection at victoria's secret a few years ago? ooh.la.la. i got a few goodies from that collection and always wish i could turn the babydoll slips/nighties into dresses.

  5. I love her. I own one skirt I am too fat for at the moment...picked up at Lohmann's of course!

    So, that first white dress totally has Blair's whole pilgrim look she went for last season - the lace, frilly collared and big ruffled sleeve look with a bow! Too funny. She even looks like Blair Waldorf!

    OK, the way that top "Serena" outfit is styled is absurd - too much trying to be boho at once going on. Oh wait, that is pretty much what Serena does every week.

    Have you checked out What Chuck Wore by the way? it's AWESOME! http://whatchuckwore.tumblr.com/

  6. Um Cyber Gossip Twin did you not see my What Chuck Wore link on the very bottom of the post?? Classic!! haha...( I actually just added it this morning, even weirder....). Maybe I should move it up so other's don't miss the beauty that is CHUCK.