Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Style Files: Dirndl-esque

Well, it's not a dirndl per se, but the pattern has a bit of a German Mädchen feel to me. Or maybe it's Gunne Sax? Either way, the price was nice and it made me feel sunshiney this weekend. Is that cheating? It's not what I'm wearing today. But the title is What I Wore, so I think I'm still ok!

Details on the duds:
+ Cute lil sundress, Target
+ Vintage Wicker Handbag, Thrifted
+ Vintage lion pendant, xmas gift from greg (score!)
+ Yellow heeled sandals, Aerosoles (Extremely comfy. Truly....I should pause to say that when celebs are wearing 5 inch heels and tell you "And they're sooooo comfortable!" I just ain't buyin' it. But I promise I'll tell you when my shoes look cute but in fact hurt like hell. I mean, I'm not going to take a long hike in these, but they don't pinch and the souls have bounce.)

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  1. RAWR! go leo go! you look fierce, momma! I LOVE the detail on that dress.

  2. Another cute bag??? How many cute bags do you own? Like 200???? :-)

  3. tracey: YES! I thought of you too, lady leo.

    amy: *hangs head in shame* Yup, I really do have a lot of purses and handbags. Like, tons. It's from years of thrifting (and then later ebay-ing!). I probably have 20+ vintage purses and then more newer workie handbags. LOL. It's baaad!!

  4. Oh! Alexandra, you are absolutely stunning! Love love love your outfit, jewelry, bag and shoes!

    I tried finding an email address to contact you about squarespace - I got the Advanced package because it had some features (like forum, drop box and gallery) that I need in the future. However the Basic package gives you the same design freedom as mine does. Hope that helps! :)

    Nancy - http://notjustpaper.squarespace.com/

  5. You did NOT just say Gunne Sax.

    All I ever wanted in my young teenage life was to own a dress by them.

    Reading your blog and all the familiar throw backs you so frequently reference cracks me up. Us mid 30s gals are something else aren't we? We should do a post with like 20 or 30 things we remember about growing up and stuff. How fun. I can do one on Haus Maus and tag you. Are you in?

  6. Nancy: Thank you so much! (hmmm, i guess i need to add my email somewhere on this blog huh??) You are awesome. Thank you again!

    Holly: Let's do it!!! That would be super fun!

  7. This IS reminiscent of Gunny Saks....I wore them in the 70's, my kids in the 80's. ; ) I love your green shed background, as well. And you, of course, are the cutest!!!!
    ; )

  8. is that dress still available at target? i love it!