Thursday, June 25, 2009

Style Files: high/low

I recently discovered this little sundress at Target and I love it. For starters it was like $19...nice! I also love the colors, pretty purples and blues. The straps are kind of adorable—fabric on the back side but on the front they are made up of little teensy beads. Very cute and make it seem like its from some trendy lil boutique rather than simply Le Targe. The main reason I like this dress however is because it is magically slimming and makes me look like i'm a zillion pounds more slender. Now who wouldn't like that in a dressie?

The deets:

+ Cute lil sundress, Target
+ Short sleeved black Vera Wang cardigan, Kohls
+ Vintage Mod Lion Pendant, courtesy of Greg
+ Black + White patent sandals with silver heel, miu miu
+ Cheap white plastic sunnies, Target

You can see my wonky , crooked teeth in that second photo! I might be getting braces soon (argh). I actually really like my teeth and I've never been self conscious about them, but they are pretty crowded and my dentist is all worried I'll have major gum issues as I get older. Flossing is a beeyotch when yer chompers aren't picture perfect. More on this topic later!

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  1. this is my pregnancy uniform! i bought 3 of em! i am hoping they fit still after baby!

  2. Awesome dress for $19 - the colors are fabulous!

  3. i love everything about this outfit, especially the shoes :D!!

  4. hey chica, Ur the cutest really!

  5. Wait.

    Didn't you hold your skirt like that, out to your left side in that same pose in one of your childhood photos? I really think I remember that. Is that your signature skirt pose because if so I adore it immensely. :)

  6. lynxy: i can only imagine how cute you must look!!

    smashingbird, Amy, Mars, Lagella: oh my, yer gonna make me blush ladies! so sweet you all are!

    decor8: holly you know i think you're right!!! haha. I've never really noticed that, but I totally do that move all the time!

  7. you look lovely! i saw that dress and thought about trying it on, now i know it's cute!

    btw, i finally figure out how to comment on your new (ish) blog! yay!


  8. I love that necklace! It's fabulous. I also love those shoes, perfect combination with the black and gold trim. They are adorable. I also love that print on the dress. Great outfit lady. Keep them coming!

  9. rebecca s: OH YAY! What was the problem? I swear I have problems commenting on my own dang blog!!! (i always get a "could not be processed message" and have to click twice!

    polishedsense: thank you so much girlie!