Thursday, June 18, 2009

Circus Circus

Hurry hurry, ladies and gentlemen, step right up! So, it's time for my weekly kooky model obsession post. I actually said this was Siri but it's really Jessica Stam (namesake of the Marc Jacobs Stam bag!). Thanks Kristin for pointing that out. Oops! Miss Jessica is a lucky duck because pretty much every photo shoot I've seen of hers is really innovative. Today's offering...a retro circus. There is just something about the circus is always so magical.

I really appreciate that there aren't any clowns—not because I don't like them (which I don't) but because it is a bit of a pet peeve of mine when people "confess" that they despise clowns or act like they are making some big revelation. I hate to break it to ya, but you're not unique in your view that "clowns are creepy". I think it's pretty much a given that most people don't like them, no? I'm still waiting for the day for someone to tell me, "Ya know what? I LOVE CLOWNS!"

Here is an outtake with the monkey. Awww!

IMAGES: I can not find my reference for this shoot. I'm scouring the web to locate it!

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  1. ha ha ha!!!

    You know what I'm scared of? Clowns! Seriously. I really, truly am. And I mean it.

    But aside from that, I have a long time friend who is like 20 years older than me and is scared of RAINBOWS. I am serious. Whenever she sees one in the sky she has to pull her car over and she sobs! Cries!!! Yes!!! Or she nearly wrecks the car if she doesn't pull over first. It's so sad you know. Strange huh?

  2. hahaha rainbows!!!!! that is the best. well, not for her i guess. awww, that's so bizarrely sweet!

  3. Great photos! I'm glad there are no clowns either - they give me the creeps!!!
    Whoa - just read Holly's comment - scared of rainbows? weird!
    My husband is scared of spiders and he screams like a girl when he sees them - and if there is one on or in his car almost gets in an accident...sad, really!

  4. The model is one of my model crushes, Jessica Stam! She was discovered in a donut shop!

  5. Oooh kristin you are totally right! And i knew that, DOH! I posted this too fast....thanks for pointing it out. She really is cool looking (I didn't know she was discovered in a donut shop!!).

  6. me? i love clowns!

    actually, no, sorry i can't stand them, way too creepy. i blame stephen king. but rainbows? for real? come on! hahahahahaha!

    i know someone who has koumpounophobia, i.e. fear of buttons.