Thursday, June 18, 2009

Style Files: Pom Poms

Soooooo, I truthfully can't recall where I got this skirt from. I got it at a vintage store either in Boston (maybe "The Garment District"?) or here in San Francisco (Wasteland or Buffalo Exchange). It's made from an old vintage dress and has these fun little pom poms attached. The sad thing is, it has no defined waistline and it used to always be all low slung on my hips practically falling off and at one point I even had to pin it tighter. Welllllll thanks to my good pals, Ben & Jerry, the darn thing fits me perfectly now. Damn you Americone Dream!! (mmmmm, ribbons of caramel.....). But I digress.

Here's what's going on:

+ Funky "remixed" vintage pom pom skirt (although I do believe the actual spelling is pom pon...)
+ Green sweater top, Target
+ Vera Wang short sleeved cardigan
+ Black tights, Old Navy
+ Pink gumball bead necklace, Forever21
+ Grey boots, Top Shop London

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  1. Oh this is a dream! I have a white linen sleeveless dress from Issac Mizrahi for Target with pom pom trim on the bottom like that -- it's wonderful! :)
    I realllllly like this skirt on you. Hey, the Garmet District brings back tons of old memories for me. What a place that is! I was there a few years ago and combed through the $1 a pound pile - I swear I washed my hands every hour for the next day after that but it was so much fun. What a wacky place.

  2. Oh wow, Dollar A Pound was AMAZING!! i was thrilled yet grossed out every time we went!! (I know, I hadn't thought about The Garment District in years!). Your dress sounds fabulous, how could i have missed this???

  3. i remember the garment district too! dollar a pound! i wanted it to be amazing, but it was actually kind of gross. but the rest of the shop had some gems! and i seem to remember them having some shop cats?? i do not think i am making that up, so don't call me crazy!

    also: my weakness is for that damn breyers reeces ice cream, i end up scooping out more than i should because each little scoop uncovers more treats like chocolate ribbons and big hunks of peanut butter cups! PROBLEM.

    and! i won't say pom pon just like i won't say orang UTAN. orangutang, orangutang, orangutang.
    pom pom, pom pom, pom pom.

  4. that skirt is brilliant! and i love how the necklace echoes the circle theme you have going on here.

  5. You are so darn cute...and brave! I get such a kick out of seeing "what I wore". Have a happy weekend.

  6. Jenny love, I can't say pom pon either. And YES they had cats at garment district! I actually found some cool stuff at Dollar A Pound (wasn't it only open on the weekend??) but I remember occasionally picking up somethng and it being all ratty and gross. haha.

    Chicken Dinner, you are too kind! (what's your real name, btw?)

    That are so sweet. Thank you thank you!

  7. Alex!
    This outfit is quite the stunner! I adore your necklace and the skirt. I am too a fan of the Garment District I live in Boston so its close by. I religiously shopped there in high school and loved the bunk a pound basement deals, also the best part is on Fridays its .50cents a pound! I like the back room for the extra vintage pieces! I look forward to your what I wore pieces. I am no size 6 girl and its refreshing to see someone with a real body looking SO damn cool all the time! Kudos!